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Enfamil Premium Newborn Formula Powder - 22.2oz (4 Pack)

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Enfamil Premium Newborn Formula Powder - 22.2oz (4 Pack) 490070903521 490070903521 Enfamil Premium Find Baby Formula and Supplements at! Enfamil Newborn infant formula is tailored to meet the nutritional needs of babies through 3 months of age. It has an easy-to-digest protein blend patterned after early breast milk*, as well as a tailored level of vitamin D to ensure your baby gets the amount recommended by experts.** It also has a dual prebiotics blend designed to help support a baby’s own natural defenses. Enfamil is the #1 infant formula brand recommended by pediatricians *based on whey:casein ratio of 3-5 days after lactation begins **Provides 400 IU in 27 fl oz

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